Leaked Riot Points Hack - Get Free RP for LoL


Uploaded on September 20, 2011 by macersader


In this Video I am going to teach you how to get Free Riot Points for your Summoner Account using the Riot Points Hack from lolhacks.info! With the RP Adder you will be able to add as much RiotPoints as you want to your Account just by the click of a button.
For more Information and the Downloadlink check out the lolhacks site, you can download several hacks for League of Legends completely for Free on the hacking site, so make sure to check it out!

Click the Link below and you will be redirected to the League of Legends hacking Site!
Info and Download: http://www.lolhacks.info/

If you have any problem with the tools feel free to ask me or the lolhacks Support itself, they will help you out if you have problems adding the RP to your Account.

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