Seemio Collector:get the Best Deals&offers for Your Interests [HD]

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Uploaded on September 21, 2011 by Seemio

Seemio Collector is a fresh new concept designed to help you get the best deals and offers for all the interests you have. With Seemio, you can choose among 12 categories of interests simultaneously and receive all the offers in one single private space: your own Seemio Collector.

What does Seemio offer you?
• Choose deals and offers from as many as 12 categories of interests simultaneously: airline fares, beauty and cosmetics, clothing, electronics, fitness and wellness, home décor and furniture, hotels, jewelry and watches, shoes, sports gear, traveling and wine
• Compare deals and get the best one!
• Free your inbox from clutter
• Don’t lose track of great deals and offers! Have them collected in one dedicated personal space where you can check them at your convenience
• Be in charge with easy one-click customization
• Enjoy total privacy. Companies will not have your personal data.

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