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[BlackTree TV - Los Angeles] Director John Singleton sits down to talk with BlackTree TV about his new movie Abduction staring teen star Taylor Lautner who was made popular from the Twilight Breaking Dawn Franchsise. Taylor, like many of the actors Singleton has cast in the past, primes himself to be another in a long line of Singelton's Actors to go on and become highly acclaimed afterwards.

“For me, ABDUCTION is essentially a story about a son who didn’t know who his father was,” Singleton says. “It’s a story about a young man who is trying to find himself, and that makes it very universal, because we’re all trying to find ourselves in some way.” He continues, “The movie has a lot of action, but my inspiration in making it really came from classic adventure stories where the character is changed and transformed by the experience of the adventure.”

“John has had involvement in some incredible character movies,” says producer Pat Crowley, who was recruited for the film as a result of having produced the Bourne series. “That's the exciting thing about working with John: he is as a director who has an encyclopedic knowledge of film and film history. You feel comfortable that you've got a guy who has a great visual sense, and who also looks forward to and is quite accomplished in working with young actors.”

“People have never seen Taylor Lautner the way they’re going to see him in this movie,” says Singleton. “He really blossoms as an actor. We talked a lot about what he could pull out of himself to give this character weight. I think it's beautiful for me as a director to see him evolve as an actor within this movie.”

Lautner has had a lifelong affection for action films. “I’ve always loved action movies,” says the actor. “This role is by far the most physically challenging role I've ever done, which is pretty cool, but it also has a lot more going on. I loved the character and everything he goes through in the story.”

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