Flirting With Cell Phone Leads to Sex in Bar

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From Happy Face to "Oh" Face. A young couple meet, and are connected by the sparkle in the eyes of...
From Happy Face to "Oh" Face. A young couple meet, and are connected by the sparkle in the eyes of their cell phones. At a local speak-easy, light jazz piano playing in background, the bartender cleans a glass. He serves a drink to a young woman at the bar, in a crystal glass. A gentleman enters the bar, and passes behind her back. He takes a seat next to her. He motions the bartender to serve him a drink. A glass hits the table in front of him. The gentleman takes out his mobile cell phone from his suit pocket. He selects the Make-A-Face application, and a giant smiling emoticon appears. Gently, he aims the screen towards the woman beside him at the bar. She notices. The young woman begins to motion over her own cell phone. She reveals a matching smiley face. Gently she turns to screen for him to view. Encourage, the gentleman adjust his happy face with a large toothy smile. In turn, the young woman adjusts her phone, and reveals a sheepishly playful grin. The gentleman again makes changes on his phone, matching the grin, and adding cool sunglasses to the face. In return, the woman shows a face sticking out its tongue while looking up at the sky. The gentleman continues this theme, adding heavy metal make-up eyes to a face with a tongue sticking out. He's now gone too far. The mood is cooler now. The woman is less than impressed....She shows an angry face in response. The gentleman is saddened, and concerned. He expresses his feeling of "Oh no, what have I done?", with a cell phone facial expression of shock and despair. Moving slowing, the young woman puts her phone down...and proceeds to move closer to the gentleman. Reaching out to his phone, she gestures a smile upon its screen. A smiley face has returned to the phone. She takes the phone, and begins to massage it. Gently, soothingly, up and down. The mobile reacts. It senses something is up. It shows its surprised look. As the young woman continues to caress it, the phone show's its "Oh" face. The woman continues to stroke. With each stroke, the phone reacts more intensely. She begins to move in new kinds of erotic motions. The phone can hardly contain itself. And then, with a final stroking, the cell phone can no longer hold itself ends, with a series to throbbing vibrations. Looking up at each of them, and focusing on the gentleman, the happy cell phone texts on it's screen, "Keep this one!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­- It's BIGGER!! It's BETTER!! It's DELUXE!! It's the Make-A-Face app, but with MORE, MORE, MORE!! Plus gestures!!! Make-A-Face "Deluxe" is a simple little app that lets you touch the screen to change the expression on a giant emoticon. Great for showing people what you really think while talking at the bar. Just tap or gesture on the screen to change the eyes, the mouth or even the hair and chin, and show your friends what's really on your mind! It's easy, small, uses no resources, and requires no special permissions. "The best way to make faces, EVER!!! Even better than the regular Make-A-Face",...Joan Rivers. "I wish this was my face, even more than before!",...Janice Dickinson. "I'm going to create a new magazine and call it 'O' Face!",...Oprah Winfrey. Recommended by 5 out of 5 dentists (The fifth dentist was a douche, but so were the other 4). Recommended by 5 out of 5 ass-wipes. (The fifth ass-wipe was also a douche, but he's okay). Change the eyes, the hair, the mouth, the nose, and even the chin! Gestures 01:33, 23 September 2011 (UTC)[[User:Wikicafe