Suman Khatun, One Of The Fattest Kids In The World


Uploaded on September 27, 2011 by Barcroft TV

MATIALA, INDIA: Standing just 3ft 5ins tall and weighing a staggering 14st 5lbs (203lbs) this child weighs five times more than she should. Meet Suman Khatun - one of the world's fattest kids. Shown here in these heartbreaking images, Suman is the same weight as two Kylie Minogues, a Great Dane or England rugby player Jonny Wilkinson. In one week Suman, from West Bengal, India, gets through an astonishing 14kgs of rice, 8kgs of potatoes, 8kgs of fish and about 180 bananas, as well as snacking on her favourite Bengali sweets and cream cakes. Her parents Beli Bibi and Jalal claim they are helpless to stop her gorging and have requested the help of the local doctor to manage her weight.

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