X-Men Destiny Havok DLC Unlock Free - Xbox 360 - PS3


Uploaded on September 28, 2011 by Bikaserde


This video tutorial will show you how to unlock and download X-Men Destiny Havok dlc for free on xbox 360 and PS3. You can download Havok dlc on your X-Men Destiny game by visiting following web site;


Once you get your X-Men Destiny Havok dlc code, visit your game marketplace and redem it. After redeem completed you will able to unlock and play Havok dlc for free on your X-Men Destiny game. Any more questions send me a pm about it. Thank you and enjoy the game.

Game Info
X-Men Destiny is based in San Francisco, which has been divided into human and mutant areas due to conflict between the two groups. The game begins at a peace rally being held in memory of the deceased Professor X, where the player chooses from one of three mutant characters to play as, who have been originally created for the game. The game allows for the player to decide which mutants become their allies and enemies through choices made in the course of the story

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