NAKED GIRL MUSIC VIDEO - "Hide From Her" - By Linden Hudson [18+]

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Uploaded on September 30, 2011 by linden

This song is titled: "Hide From Her". All vocals, musical instruments, sound engineering is performed by Linden Hudson. This song was recorded on a laptop computer using multi-track recording software (Sony Acid Pro). Linden recorded the song in the living room of his small home in Texas. He never used more than one microphone and stacked the instruments and vocals one at a time. He also shot the video utilizing a stunning 22 year old blonde Texas college cheerleader (see a lot more of her in the Vimeo version of this video, she's wonderful). Then he edited the video on a laptop pc using Sony Platinum Studio ($75 software). This is a no-budget production, that's truly indie.
Linden Hudson once wrote a song on one of history's most famous rock and roll albums. The song was "Thug" and was on the ZZ Top "Eliminator" album (multi-platinum worldwide, in the top 100 for years). Then Linden spent the next five years suing ZZ Top for his money. This was a tough time for Linden as Linden had a newborn son and was having a hard time paying his bills. Why do some stars do this to the little people? Are they afraid they'll have one less Mercedes in the driveway? We're just setting the record straight one viewer at a time. This story about Linden is easy to verify. Search the internet for Linden Hudson and pick through the stories and articles. There's even a story in an old Rolling Stone Magazine.
Here's an excerpt from the book "Sharp Dressed Men" by ZZ Top's ex road manager Dave Blayney: " sound engineer Linden Hudson co-wrote much of the material on the album (Eliminator) as a live-in high-tech music teacher to Beard and Gibbons."

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