Wired B/W Screw Camera Review


Uploaded on October 01, 2011 by crimesolutions

http://www.crimesolutionsstore.com/screw-hidden-camera-30253.html?action=preview Wired B/W Screw Camera Review - 360-244-4231 If you are working as a private investigator or work for a surveillance company, or if you want to have a hidden camera to spoof and record your friends with, or even if you have been beaten by your drunk husband and would like to file charges but couldn’t quite do it since you don’t have any solid evidence, right now we have a hidden camera that is very small and can be conveniently placed without anyone noticing it. We would like you to know Wired B/W Screw Camera, this is the smallest hidden camera that you’ll see and anyone aside from yourself won’t even notice that it’s even there. A hidden camera with the size of a Phillip’s Screw Head, that’s really tiny. Not only will it work, it works well with wide angle lens that provides a larger view range. The camera uses 1/3” Sony CCD that needs only little light to produce a very nice picture that is ideal to use as hard evidence. Ensure yours and your family’s safety and security by having the best crime prevention, self defense/self defence, personal protection, personal self defense, or home security tool there is.

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