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Uploaded on October 02, 2011 by Roka Blu
Just look around and you'll see people using their smart phones or other mobile devices. They seem to be everywhere. And if you think you see more and more, you're right. What are people doing on these devices? Much more than texting! published a survey recently indicating and one third of respondents had checked prices with their device and 25% accessed mobile coupons.

Plus, they watch videos, update Facebook and Twitter, check their bank account make hotel and airline reservations, listen to music, and take pictures.

A Morgan Stanley analyst predicts "mobile internet will be bigger than desktop by 2015".
And that may be conservative.

Today, 15 to 25 percent of website visitors come from mobile devices.
What is your mobile strategy? Can you afford to ignore this growing trend?

Mobile web requires a different strategy. One that considers three important elements:
First, What does YOUR audience want
Second, How your site displays on mobile device
and third, leveraging mobile device functionality

Your mobile strategy is a critical part of your internet marketing. Call us today.

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