SABRINA ZUNNUI " Il Giardino" Promo


Uploaded on October 03, 2011 by PA74 Music

Sabrina Zunnui, author performer, composer, the CD titled ‘Qui Adesso’, which contains 7 songs born from the need to give meaning to his artistic career and life lived in music. The songs describe impressions, experiences, a way of life that you feel is right ... .. and perhaps other A road started 3 years ago is not always easy, and now has its own light .... find its place ... .. live music club in Rome and surroundings (Lian Club, Foollik, Mads, Funnel, DadaClub, Tempo, Cube) steps with radio and TV interviews with RadioKisskiss, RadioCasbah, Demo RadioRai1, MiniradioWeb, RadioRock, "Italy is" RAI International.

A non-trivial language and tone colors contaminated Pop Rock Blues, Jazz and Electronic. A sound that is the result of an artistic, human and lived musical experiences ... Last but not least in collaboration arrangements with a musician as a creative Fabiano Lelli (Enrico Capuano, Grazia De Michele, Marina Rei, Il Piotta).

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