Naruto GTA San Andreas Cheats Mods Selector Updated


Uploaded on October 04, 2011 by SharikaTosijlv

Download file here:
Naruto Shippuden GTA SAN ANDREAS Chronicles 2011 Skins and Gameplay
Here is a short gameplay preview on my edited GTA San Andreas game, which is now in Naruto Shippuuden. I have all the latest skins, thanks to all its creators and editors! Highly appreciated! Well here is a compilation of my skin file and other gta files for the GTA Naruto game. Just follow the simple instructions to the download Link Below,Enjoy

Download Link:

GTA San Andreas Naruto Skin Packs Updated

Naruto Shippuden, also with updated Jutsu's.

Detailed Instruction in File To Install Skins Mods

Works on All Platforms,& PC of course,Enjoy ;)

In ALL files are a INFO in File! PLZ Read that file before you install the hacks!!!

Gta San andreas using GTA mod installer

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