Kos Secret Operations Hack


Uploaded on October 07, 2011 by DulcieVeneyikp

download file here http://loadftp.com/Maryjo740Wayne03/OPERATIONS

KOS Secret Operations hack, includes these features:

- Enabled: Aimbot off/on switch
- Mode: Aimbot Mode
- FOV: Field of View for aimbot (degrees)
- Bone: Aim at bone on enemy
- Key: Aim key, when pressed it will attack enemies
- Auto Shoot: Shoot automatically when an ememy can be killed

- Name ESP: Display names of players
- Box ESP: Display a 2D box around the entire player
- Health ESP: Display the enemies current health
- Drop ESP: Display ESP over dropped weapons
- Nade ESP: Display a grenade icon over active grenades
- Nade Warning ESP: Display warnings if grenades are nearby
- Crosshair: Draw a crosshair all the time
- Draw Bone: Draw the bone your aimbot will be aiming at

- No Recoil: Eliminates weapon recoil
- No Smoke: Smokenade removal
- No Flash: Flashbang removal

- Bunny Hop: Bunny Hopping (hold jump)
- Auto Pistol: Automatic firing pistols (hold fire)

Enabled: radar on/off
Screen X: x position of the radar box (left/right)
Screen Y: y position of the radar box (up/down)
Width: width of the radar box
Scale: The higher the scale, the farther the radar can "see"

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