WeTab MeeGo Tablet Shows Off Augmented Reality Application [HD]


Uploaded on October 07, 2011 by minipcpro

wetab AR http://www.netbooknews.com the WeTab tablet, the MeeGo flexible software architecture and metaio´s unique image processing capabilities, visitors can catch a glimpse of how consumers will look at images, objects, museum pieces, billboards and natural sites in the future. Additional and dynamic content can be connected to almost any object, opening many new possibilities for the design and access of, and interaction with, information. Displayed on a large tablet screen and using seamless gesture control, consumers can peer into a window to the virtual world. Based on the MeeGo open source platform, WeTab will integrate virtual content into live video through its front-facing camera to display AR images, a demonstration of how digital information may be experienced in the future.

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