Do It Yourself - 80's Sounds - Original Version

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Uploaded on July 29, 2007 by VM-Rexor

Some time ago one of Metacafe users placed reedited version of this videoclip as his own, so I have to send original version here. He also copied part of description from Youtube.
Original text:

This is my crazy experiment with sound engineering. I recorded with my camcorder sounds of:
- plastic bottles
- energetic drink can
- scisors
- groats
- spray
- ruler
- driller
- CD boxes
mix it and add some effects like chorus, reverb, flanger, phaser or fuzz. The next step was to create something like music (space/disco?) and use video tracks to make video.
Btw: Stop motion animation I create during first rendering of this video (it takes over 4 hours - Vegas video isn't good to make complex 3D animations)

Feel free to share with friends, non commercial webservices, tv, movie festivals etc. but please - do not stole my work like he does :( (by reedit to remove author's information and trying to earn money).

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