★ Bruno Mars It Will Rain Guitar Lesson With Chords Strummi... [HD]


Uploaded on October 23, 2011 by Rex Pearson

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Welcome to this guitar lesson for Bruno Mars fantastic single It Will Rain from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Twilight soundtrack!. This Guitar Lesson covers everything you need to know including Chords Rhythm Strumming palm muting techniques etc. This is for beginner guitarists and also intermediate level, i assume you have covered my beginner guitar course so that you already know the chords! I do cover others that are a little unusual. This is a great song for acoustic guitar and for improving your lead playing and rhythm skills. So give this trial lesson a go then head to the website for the real deal!

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This is a guitar lesson for the great new tune by Bruno Mars from his soundtrack and album for breaking dawn Twilight Part 1, It Will Rain. You can get the lesson for free from the website. A fantastic tune learn how to play it the right way! Learn all the guitar chords, all the lead guitar parts on your electric guitar or acoustic guitar and impress your friends!

Dont know how to play? then head for the guitar courses where you can learn all the basics for free!


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