MaxedPvP VPS Spawn Server 614 RSPS Need Staff HD FULL SCREEN ...


Uploaded on October 25, 2011 by DanelleSophavdx

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Ninth pk video, win.

[Server Info]
[Staff List]
[Donator info]

Server info -
Server name: MaxedPvP: War.
Running on: VPS
Average players online: 7-16
Need Staff: Desperately!
Good Staff: Totally!

(This is the next expansion for MaxedPvP. You will NOT need to download a new client, but we will have more special attacks, more commands, few commands taken out, a new home, and the ability to make 'clans' in the near-by future, more importantly, it has a completely new theme.)
Staff list

Owner - "Owner_Jayden"
Co-Owner - "Hi I Like Pi"

Head Administrator - "Potato"
Administrators - None

Moderators - None.
As you can see, we DESPERATELY Need staff. (Join today!!!)
Epic Pie
-- We desperately need more donators!!!--

Donator info: You MUST donate atleast 9M RSGP unless if notified of a discount, or $5 irl for atleast NORMAL donator. For extreme donator, you must donate 20M RSGP, or $15 irl.

You may pay by OneBIP, or by Paypal if you choose to pay by real money.
If you wish to pay by RSGP, please contact Jayden as soon as possible.

Runescape accounts may or may NOT be taken, it does NOT depend on the stats it has, but it depends on what the owner needs, E.G. By class:

Main, Pure, Skiller.. Etc.

I do not know whether or not he needs one of those, but there's bound to be one account that he would need.
1) Do NOT PkP Farm, you will be automatically IPBANNED.
2) Do NOT cheat for items, such as farcast in the dangerous zone in ::pvp
if you're in the safe-zone.
3) Farcasting is against the rules, you may only use a freezing spell, or an immobility spell 5x in a row. If you DO use more, you WILL be punished.
4) Pj'ing is against the rules in PVP only, nevertheless, it's allowed in safepvp.
5) Do respect the staff members, and your fellow players.
6) Excessive amounts of profanity is a mute, if you evade this mute more than 3x, you will be banned. If you evade the ban more than 5x, you WILL be ip banned.
7) Never beg for staff, please! It's unlikely you'll get it, if you even do this once!
8) Do not rage about items you may not spawn, as they are most likely a PvP drop.
9) Respect the community, and be active!

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