How To Get Sony Vegas Pro 11 Free! (32 Bit and 64bit)


Uploaded on October 26, 2011 by JamePerrivs

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In this Video i am going to show you how to get Sony Vegas Pro 10 free!! yay!!

1. First thiings first go to the sony website and download the sony vegas trial 10 (it works for 32 bit and 64 bit so choose the correct one fo your computer)

the link will be in the desc. plus ill put a direct download link just incase sony decides to remove the files from there website for some reason

2. download the keygen it the desc. you may need to disable your anti-virus until sony is installed !! dont worry its okay the only reason you need to do that is because the keygen need to get access to your files to patch them, so dont be worried.

3. Run the sony vegas trial, once installed do not open sony vegas!!
go to your keygen (Right click and run as administrator!!!!!!)(click on the drop down box and find sony vegas pro 10 and click patch files!! then go to the folder where sony vegas is installed!

in some cases you may have the shared plug-ins folder some where else, proberbly because you have installed sony vegas pro 9 at some point

4. once patched open up sony vegas and and then enter the code for the serial from the keygen.

5. click next then click "i want to register from a different computer"
it will prompt you to save the file, just save it anywhere because you dont need this.

6. enter details (can be fake)

7. now copy and past the code from the keygen that you see for the acivation code.

8. Your sony vegas should now be installed :)!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

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Byeeeee!!!!! xD

This is for educational purposes only !! ;)

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