100 Ping Pong Ball Smoke Bomb

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Uploaded on August 10, 2007 by aidennichols

Warning! This can be very dangerous and is burning ping pong balls which are plastic. Do not try this anywhere without supervision. We had supervision and emergency procedures in place for any possible accidents. Anyway, on a lighter note, here is the description.

This is a 100 ping pong ball smoke bomb that my friend and I made. This is how we did it.-------------------------------------- We first cut up 100 ping pong balls by doing 50 each. We then put all of the pieces into a sheet of tin foil, and added more layers of tin foil until bits of the ping pong balls were no longer poking out. A hole was then made in the bottom of the tin foil so that we were able to see the ping pong balls. (No need for a fuse). We then lighted this hole until the ping pong balls were on fire and then put it down (fire side down). The smoke then just escapes from underneath creating a smoke bomb with lots and lots of smoke. Lots of the smoke actually travels along the ground because it's in a wind tunnel but when you see the open air, you can see how much smoke their is. Happy Watching.

Special thanks to www.rigaudio.com for providing the awesome back song.

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