Brewster's Millions (1985): Meeting Warren Cox

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The clip meeting Warren Cox from Brewster's Millions (1985) Now, look. I know that this is none of my busi...
The clip meeting Warren Cox from Brewster's Millions (1985) Now, look. I know that this is none of my business but, at this rate,...'ll spend your inheritance in a month and you'll have nothing to show for it. Excuse me, sir. There's a Mr Warren Cox here to see Miss Drake. Warren! How you doin'? Monty Brewster. Pleased to meet you. I've heard so much about you. My God! I hear you're a swell fella. We're drinking some champagne. Hello, dear. Hi. I'll get this. Is it raining out? Not at the moment, but you never know. Better safe than sorry. That's my philosophy, too. Have a drink. Thank you, no. I don't drink alcohol. Uh-oh. We'll be late for that benefit. Benefit? It's the committee to ban contact sports. Studies show that sanctioned violence has a detrimental effect on young people. I do a little legal work for the committee. Not messin' with baseball, are you? Baseball? No. Boxing, football, ice hockey the truly barbaric sports. I'd like to make a small contribution. I think we're gonna be very late. Darling, this is what the benefit is for, to raise money. In a sense, we're at the benefit now. So am l. $100,000 OK? $100,000? Thank you... very, very much. Here, have a drink. Thank you. I will. Warren, you don't even drink. One little sip won't hurt. That's right. This is a wonderful suite you have. I'm glad you like it. Look at that. Two Louis XVI chairs with a... good tapestry fabric. That's a nice attempt at a classic French piano. Maria Theresa chandelier... I see what your decorator was trying to do. There's a definite continuity to all the elements in the room. I'd have done a few things differently... You know so much about all this stuff. Well, my ex-wife Marilyn's a decorator. I guess at lot of it rubbed off on me. You could really help me out. How's that? Well, I'd like for you to redecorate my offices.