Apartment Wrestling Contest I - Preview [18+]

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Uploaded on August 13, 2007 by fightplaceboy

Apartment wrestling Contest I
Gustel, Tim, Jonas and Jon are watching TV. The famous FREE-FIGHT-EVENT of this season. Tim feeling that he is a much better fighter, than the guys on TV, and has quite a big mouth. That aggravates the others. Encouraged through the fights on TV two groups have been build who wants to fight. (Tim/Jon and Gustel/Jonas) The first fight is for Tim against Jonas. It is always surprising, how much power and energy the small Jonas has. Both give everything and strech to their limits. Gustel and Jon are next. Much more smoother, but never the less full of willpower to win. But the longer the fights lasts, the more eager becomes Jon to win, as this fight is his first with fightplace. Will he be able to overcome the much taller Gustel? Tim and Gustel are using the next fight to challenge each other. They are likewise strong, the fight is tough and tenacious. Jonas and Jon building the end. Jonas shows his full power and knowlege and provokes the newcomer Jon with strong attacks. A super fight at the end of this production.

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