Affordable Bunion Surgery - Houston and Austin, TX Podiatrist


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Affordable Bunion Surgery - Houston and Austin, TX Podiatrist
Dr, Mark Robson discusses affordable bunion surgery.
Bunions are a painful condition that limits what people can do and the shoes they can wear. Only surgery can reduce the structural deformity that is a bunion. Bunion surgery can be very expensive. In addition to the surgeon's fees, time missed from work, the Hospital or Surgery center fees can be more than $3,000.00.
Many American have no health insurance or have very portions of the bill they have to pay. Rising deductibles and coinsurance continue to raise the portion of any medical bill the patient is responsible for.
Dr Mark Robson, DPM is a board certified Podiatrist and Foot Surgeon practicing in the Austin and Houston TX areas who has participated in these pain medication clinical trials for more than 9 years. Over one thousand bunionectomy procedures have been performed for our research patients at no cost.
The bunion surgery we perform is one of the most common and time tested techniques performed throughout the United States. Sometimes called the Austin type bunionectomy ( Not related to the fine city but named after a person decades ago) the distal Chevron osteotomy allows patient to bear weight/walk on the surgery during the healing period. Usually no crutches are needed and the patient walks in a surgical shoe for four weeks, returning to wide comfortable shoes after 4 weeks, full activity 6-8 weeks.
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