New Epic Media - SEO Rap "99 Problems (SEO Ain't One)"

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See the new music video for SEO Rap "99 Problems (SEO Ain't One)", starring New Epic Media's conten...
See the new music video for SEO Rap "99 Problems (SEO Ain't One)", starring New Epic Media's content writer: Damian Edwards. This parody of the Jay-Z song, "99 Problems", is sure to entertain you as well as inform you of important SEO topics! LYRICS: I’m the only SEO rapper you can trust That other rapper got less likes than Google plus Google Plus vs Facebook we’re in fuss But you can trust New Epic Media To get up in the Google Ranking #1 Til your Linkedin so much your in the Wikipedia First step get a good designer that u can trust and a writer bloggin all the Google Trends people discuss Like kim kardashian and she's marryin for love Or Justin Bieber doin whatever the hell he does You can say this is so ridiculous but that fact is people really talk about this stuff Its enough it’s a keyword in the populous since we’re watchin them now everybody's watchin us its enough to make a site and just leave it up But you’ll be cussin what the (bleep), we’re not showin up Content is king cause its cool to spread a buzz of your company because if not you’ll be a bust Like MC Hammer dancing and losing all of his bucks Now he’s got a search engine that you just can’t touch Spreadin links without thinkin doesn’t come with luck. So our Social Team is runnin wild like as Hulkamania Director: Maurice Powers (Director Of Video Production) Lyrics: Damian Edwards (Content Writer) Vocals: Damian Edwards (Content Writer) Mixer: Tom Battaglia (Director Of Operations) Guitar Instrumentals: Chris Kernstock (Marketing & Promotions Manager) New Epic Media 2000 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. Concourse Tower 1, Suite 901 West Palm Beach, FL 33409 *******www.newepicmedia**** 561-282-0365