#170 is About Peace on Earth is Actually Possible

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This explains one way that God gets people to work for Her. This example is from a vision that God gave me ...
This explains one way that God gets people to work for Her. This example is from a vision that God gave me of a drive I did in 1974 that I was able to recreate on Google Earth in class 211. I elaborated on this in classes 212 to 216 and in #167 to this one #170 but after seven classes on this subject it has finally soaked in that God is serious about a PEACE ON EARTH sign that I show in this class, (it was on top of a 20 story building in San Jose every Christmas). This is a very serious offer that heaven is making and it can really happen if enough people hope that it is possible. To those who think I've made this video as some kind of romantic who's just trying to pull on some heart strings... you are right. The clip of “damn Ma you should’ve swallowed me” where Ma = Massachusetts and my ex wife is in my class #206 at You Tube, and the videos #167 to 170 and 211 to 216 are at the links to Blip.tv, Viddler, etc at MikeOversonEndTimes.NET. The too good to be true line in the Bible of “Peace on Earth” became very possible and soon in my classes 185, L110, L123 and L124 at Vimeo. Here are the other classes that made me realize Peace on Earth was possible. 185 (aka 211) was the first then 163b, 165, 166 (aka 216), 167 end, (169 is also in L110), 170 & 171 at pages 2 & 3 of MikeOversonEndTimes****, and at my **** site are these L classes on page 17. L1c, L1d = too late last 20 min. Then a surprise second chance in L96 which has the same end as L1d as a warning to not mock this second chance away. L109 indirectly applies. L110 lists how heaven tried to rescue Christmas 5 times with sex and in 2013 will make the 6th year. L113 end is how it was mocked away in 2011 & 2012. L114 is a summary of L105, L106, L110 and the harassment of trying to get me evicted, (also in L116). L123 was my best summary of 185 and the patriotic classes. I made L124 15 minutes long due to complaints of 2.3 hours of magic in L123. When L124 was mocked as bad as L123 I got a sign my job was done.