Brute Motorcycle/ATV Stand [HD]


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The Brute stand adjusts to fit under both dirt bikes and ATVs with ease for easy maneuverability around the shop or garage. With a sturdy steel construction, the Brute motorcycle / ATV stand sits on 4 plastic composite casters - 2 fixed and 2 locking and swiveling. The frame is adjustable length-wise and features two seats that are adjustable height-wise. Rubber pads on top of the posts help prevent the frame of your ATV or motorcycle from getting scratched or damaged. Tie-downs on each corner of the Brute Motorcycle/ATV stand help secure the machine to the stand while moving or working on it. The overall dimensions of the Brute Motorcycle/ATV stand are 18" to 26.25" long x 20.5" wide x 12.5" to 15.5" high with a 750 pound weight capacity. Every wheeled stand comes with a 1 year warranty

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