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Article marketing is considered to be one of the most efficient approaches to promoting blog and increasing its online presence as you distributing top quality content that drives targeted visitors back to your website while giving you relevant back links. To be able to rank high in Search Engines you should have original unique content, but creating excellent, completely unique content could be very difficult as well as time-consuming without proper tools. This is where The Best Spinner comes in handy - it is the cheapest, easiest, quickest method to produce completely unique content and generate a lot of targeted traffic to your web site. If done right article spinning is incredibly effective method to leverage your content while distributing your message online and gaining top quality back-links.
The Best Spinner is a cutting edge article rewriting software produced by Jonathan Leger. It is often referred as one of the best apps for spinning articles and generating unique content.
This is the first of a seven video series that walks you through the many features of The Best Spinner. In this first tutorial of the series, you will learn the different ways available to load your content into The Best Spinner. There are three ways to load an article into the software; the methods available are listed below:
• Opening an article using the quick access tool bar or open file manager button.
• Copy pastes an article from a content source such as a web page or a word processor.
• Originate an article directly to the article window.
As soon as an article is loaded, The Best Spinner goes to work by analyzing all the words from its massive synonym database and getting it ready for spinning
You can download and test-drive The Best Spinner by clicking the link below:

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