Portals 1.8.1 Minecraft Mod Review & Tutorial

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Download file here: *******filedfree****/6e1w4 Thank you for the COMMENT, RATE, And SUBSCRIBE! Special Than...
Download file here: *******filedfree****/6e1w4 Thank you for the COMMENT, RATE, And SUBSCRIBE! Special Thanks to iChun for creating this mod! 1. I can't erase Meta-inf. -Make sure that you have no Minecraft game/server running, or anything using Java applications. (Best to restart your computer) 2. How can i remove this Mod/ force update? - open your minecraft icon, instead of "login" go into "options" and force update your game. or delete your minecraft.jar from your bin folder and go back to minecraft**** and download a new copy. 3. Is Winrar free/safe SCMowns? -winrar gives you a 40 day trial and yes it's safe. (or use any 7-zip opener) 4. can i install this mod with another mod SCMowns? -try it, don't expect me to answer this question. i don't install a lot of mods together. 5. i can't find my .minecraft folder SCMowns. -on windows XP you should see RUN somewhere and RUN %appdata%, for Vista/2007 users click START and type in %appdata% , Mac (sorry i don't know) 6. Are mods safe to install. -i can't grantee that you'll install this mod 100% Correct. if you fail your game will crash. (if so read # 2 ). Mod downloads don't have viruses. 7. My Texture Pack won't work with This Mod. -Some texture packs don't work with specific Mods. The reason why is that the developers of the Texture pack can't make different Textures for new mods. 8.i got a black screen SCMowns! -you gotta make sure that you Deleted META-INF inside your Minecraft.jar. and installed the right mods. AND make sure that you didn't installed another mod After/Before installing this Mod. (read # 2 to remove the black screen) 9. I can't Download the mod SCMowns. -If it's from the Website AdFly and there telling you to do a survey then you gotta wait about 10 minutes before it goes away. 10. What's your Background? *******browse.deviantart****/?qh=§ion=&q=Djohaal#/d36k7ef 11. What's the intro/ending Music from? NO MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO! 12. can i download your .minecraft folder? -NO 13. did you make this mod? -NO 14. how did you know about this mod. - i usually find out from friends/ YouTube Messages, Facebook SCMowns Friends, and myself. 15. where can i see all your videos? -see my channel 16. you stole this video from someone else. -Please don't spam my videos with this stuff... 17. Nova, YogsCast has the same video for this, did you get it off them? - READ # 14 18. Does this mod work with other mods like Mo's creatures? - I DON'T KNOW! you can try to install it yourself and get the answer. you think i just install mods all day? NO. All i know is that Too Many Items works with Mostly Everything. 19. I can't move files from zip/rar to .jar! -Close ALL java applications/Minecraft server/game from running. CTRL + ALT + DELETE(also known as your task manager) to see all applications running. close java if you see it. 20. Does this work for the Yogsbox? -i don't know.try it yourself. sorry 21. I can't i hear any sounds! -AudioMod was installled wrong/ the download was corrupted, or you didn't install it.try installing it again, or redownload a new copy. 22. Your videos are "Fake" -Please stop spamming my videos. All my tutorial are REAL and it's not my fault if you installed it wrong. (please don't copy & Paste my work) (IF YOU MESSAGE ME, I CAN'T GUARANTEE THAT I'LL REPLY.)