Team Training II


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Fightplace is pleased to present two new fighters to you in Team Training: Mario, he is 23 and
from the age of 15 years a professional wrestler and Jonny, 18 years old and a footballer. Both set
to work in team Training II to prove their skills to the others in the team. Training begins with a
short football match, in which Mario attacks the rather shy Mario quite hard. Nevertheless, Mario shows
no fear and throws Robert to the ground. Robert has certainly underestimated the 170 cm and only 60 kg
Mario, he provokes Mario so they decide to continue their Fight in the training space. Now Robert must suffer,
because 15 years of wrestling match experience of Mario are not to be bettered by Robert. Jonny shows his
power in his first Fight against Basti and later against Samy. This training session is hot and energetic,
real really submission fights! Altogether you see in team Training II 7 single fights with 5 fighters, more
than 90 minutes in total!!! This time, you will see the full repertoire of Submission-Wrestling with all the
tricks and clutches which our boys know. Play length approx. 91 minutes.

In the singles fight:

1. Robert vs. Mario (Street clothes)
2. Basti vs. Jonny (Street clothes)
3. Robert vs. Mario (second part/ Briefs/Shorts)
4. Samy vs. Jonny (Street Clothes/Briefs)
5. Basti vs. Robert (Speedos/Briefs)
6. Mario vs. Samy (Speedos/Shorts)
7. Basti vs. Samy (Speedos/Briefs)

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