CRABS, Horseshoe. Kids Done Learn.

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Published 11 Nov 2011
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In which I talk about teaching class this morning, my professors' discovery of this video blog, and gold-digging horseshoe crabs.



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Today's uncyclopedia:

Horseshoe crabs are one of the oldest classes of space arthropods, and are often referred to as "living fossils", as they have not changed much in the last 350 to 400 million years, and indeed why should they?

The horseshoe crab is one of four survivors of a once proud lineage that once was a dominant force in the universe. Originating from within the Horseshoe Nebula, some scientists might say they came to earth quite a few millions of years ago (let's say 200), possibly in a Volkswagen Scirocco, and now refuse to go home.

Horseshoe crabs can live for as long as 200-250 years. They migrate into nice sandy beaches in late spring, with the males arriving first to take advantage of the cheeper hotel deals. The females then arrive and make nests at a depth of 15-20 m in the sand using only the most delicate spider mandibles. In these nests, females lay up to 200,000 eggs which are then with some effort and a copy of crab monthly fertilized by the male. The larvae hatch and then for a laugh swim about for about five to seven days. After swimming for this amount of time they become over-tired and sink. As young horseshoe crabs grow, they move to deeper waters, where they will form gangs and carry out petty crimes until They reach sexual maturity. Most will find jobs in investment banking or carry out light clerical duties.

Sometimes Horseshoe crab is accidentily called the Horses Hoe which is...RIGHT!
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