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Uploaded on November 11, 2011 by NikiKnapikqo

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Okay, so heres the story. My birthday was on the 4th and my mom got me an HD-PVR Like I was asking, but my cousin, ZexyCinema(search him on youtube), also gave me one. So he's kind of pissed haha. But what's the point of having 2 HD PVR's? I have always wanted one, but now I have too many and I can give to people who felt the same as me.

1.Like and Favorite
2.Subscribe to me. and, for sympathy, subscribe to my cousin ZexyCinema.
3. Either spam in the comments you want an HD-PVR or give me a reason why you want it.

I will be using for choosing the people. This isn't 1 in a million chance, I will be picking 10 people. Once I have them, I will message all them at the same time. First one to message back get's an HD-PVR!!!! :D

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