An0maly KILLS 6'7" (6 Foot 7 Foot 8 Foot Bunch) Instrumental

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Published 11 Nov 2011
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Off of Hell Loose In Nation mixtape Download for *FREE* at 

FB pages:!/pages/An0maly/124411634236128

Instrumental is: Lil Wayne 6'7"

8 foot bunch, raping stuff, flip shit like the matrix does
Capable, of making moves, i bake you like an apron slut
basic punk, realize that your fake as fuck
You be like an 8th of bud, 3.5, raise it up

Watch me change the Game like i'm mark cuban, paint like an art student
Range is insane so you lames better start shooting
Like at the park shooting, or behind the arc shooting
Put the weapon down, get some crown, shout to Martin Luther

King status, Without the bling habits
So no i still don't give a fuck about your mink jacket

I got ink packet where I used to have a soul
Animal on track  what I rap is unimaginable
Had to explode, kill that shit you be rappin it slow
laughing at hoes, Who that they driving me
But i give them a map to the road
Actually no, I give them a dap cuz I show
that I do not give a fuck what they think
because I know that i'm actually dope
Pass me a smoke, Actually some captain and coke
Next think you know some dude dressed as Captain Morgan
shows up with a bag of the blow
That just West Virgina, messin with us but look

My flow is tall like i'm 7 foot
And you are all bound to fall cuz your small when you ball so they never look
Your Mugsy Bogues in scrubby clothes
If he couldn't dunk or throw, so how you ballin when you clearly can't do nothin pro
You lucky fool, you ain't even got a fucking clue
Why think that your Kobe just because you dunked a dunkaroo
You hating on my complexion but you one ugly dude
TLC say scrubby dude, Beyonce says bugaboo
No i don't fuck with you, cuz all your diamonds blood infused
You acting like a bitch who says "i still don't know which uggs to choose"
*laugh* fuck it dude
And still grilling me like why you on the checker board
I'm getting kinged what you think i'm playing checkers for?

i'm ecuador , hot, you chillin on the second floor
acting like a bitch like how come no one wanna rep me for

quit rapping, you need a coach mike
and while your doing that stop asking me to ghost write

An0maly,  learn to spell it
the verbal felon, every time i rhyme it turns into a murder sentence 
Abort you babies like some sperm repellant
Way before you get the vagina, i bet that my fire will burn you fellas

*All rights to Cash Money/Universal*
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