Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980): Chong Meets Red

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The clip chong meets red from Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980) How ya doin' there, man? How ya doin'? Me...
The clip chong meets red from Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980) How ya doin' there, man? How ya doin'? Merry Christmas. Hey, now, wait a minute. There's got to be some mistake. I thought you were talkin' about a week now. Ignorance oft the law is no excuse. Well, wait a minute. You just said 37.50. You didn't say nothin' about no time or nothin'. What, do you have no brain? Well, come on. We gotta work out somethin' here. How about I could trade you somethin'. You like turquoise? I got this, uh, squashed blossom necklace from the Bisbee mine. That's gotta be worth somethin'. Bisbee mines? Sir, could you tell me what room DeWayne Mendoza's in? Yeah, I could tell ya. Cheech! Hey, you old piece of horseshit. How ya doin'? Goddamn it. It's good to see you. Oh, shit, I ain't seen you in so long! How ya doin'? Good, man. Goddamn, you got ugly. Hey, it's good to see you. How ya doin', boy? I ain't Cheech, man. What? No. I'm Cheech's friend, Chong. Hey, Ching, glad to meet ya. How ya doin'? My name's Red. DeWayne Mendoza. Everybody calls me Red though. You can call me Red. Hey, did he give you the money? No, he... We're broke, man. He just told me to come down and meet ya. He didn't give ya no money? N No, we don't have no money. Oh, geez. Why? What's the matter, man? Well, I checked in to this hotel, right? The guy says 37.50, you know, so I thought he meant 37.50 a week, not a goddamn day. Now old Dilbert Dumb Butt is holdin' my luggage, and he won't give it up until I pay the bill, and I ain't got the money. Hey, well, let me talk to him, man. Yeah? Uh... Excuse me, sir. What do ya want? Uh, why don't you give him his luggage, man? 'Cause he owes $262.50, and in another five minutes, it'll be an additional 37.50. Yeah, well, you know, why don't you just give him his luggage?