Double Indemnity (1944): This Can't Be Suicide Part 2

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The clip This can't be suicide Part 2 from Double Indemnity (1944) Well, there's no sense in pushing Neff ...
The clip This can't be suicide Part 2 from Double Indemnity (1944) Well, there's no sense in pushing Neff around. He's got the best sales record in the office. Are your salesmen supposed to know a customer is going to fall off the train? Fall off a train? Are we sure Dietrichson fell off the train? I don't get it. You don't, Mr. Keyes? Then what do you think of this case? This policy might cost us a great deal of money. As you know, it contains a double indemnity clause. Just what is your opinion? No opinion at all. Not even a hunch? One of those interesting little hunches of yours? Nope. Not even a hunch. I'm surprised, Mr. Keyes. I've formed a very definite opinion. I think I know. In fact, I know I know what happened to Dietrichson. You know you know what? I know it was not an accident. What do you say to that? Me? Well, you've got the ball. Let's see you run with it. There's a widespread feeling that just because a man has a large office... Yes? Have her come in, please. There's a widespread feeling that... ...just because a man has a large office, he must be an idiot. I'm having a visitor, if you don't mind. No, no. I want you to stay and watch me handle this. Mrs. Dietrichson. Thank you very much for coming, Mrs. Dietrichson. I assure you I appreciate it. This is Mr. Keyes. How do you do? How do you do? And Mr. Neff. I've met Mr. Neff. How do you do? Mrs. Dietrichson. Won't you sit down? May I extend our sympathy in your bereavement? I hesitated before asking you to come here so soon after your loss. But now that you're here I hope you won't mind if I plunge straight into business? You know why we asked you to come, don't you? No. All I know is that your secretary made it sound very urgent. Your husband had an accident policy with this company. Evidently you don't know that, Mrs. Dietrichson. No. I remember some talk at the house, but he didn't seem to want it. Your husband took the policy out a few days later, Mrs. Dietrichson. You'll probably find the policy among his personal effects. His safe-deposit box hasn't been opened yet. It seems a tax examiner has to be present. Please, Mrs. Dietrichson, I don't want you to think...'re being subjected to any questioning... ...but there are a few things we should like to know.