Travian 4 Hack 2011 Download Method Guide Explaination !


Uploaded on November 12, 2011 by FloyMcclureqr

download file here

* Account : Multiple profiles possible on every travian server

* Farm-Manager, Farm-Search, Farm-Reports, and more

* All reports on one page - everthing under control. Sort them by date, type and more

* Build automatically buildings, resources in a queue without limitations !

* Build automatically troops

* Statistics about everything - how much resources did you captured / losses and more

* Trading routes : TM is now able to send itself resources from village to village (just on attacks or always)

* Statistics : about your collected resources, your troop losses and more-
in 4 different views.

This is private but i decided to leak it before the server starts....
If you download this please dont post it all around the net so this dont get to ppl.
Start the new server as 1º =)

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