"Baby I'm Not" Original Song by Tay Zonday

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Free MP3! *******bit.ly/48kIUv RIGHT-CLICK and SAVE! [Mac Users CTRL CLICK] ____Ringtone! *******bit.ly/2S9Vz8 ____ LYRICS: [SUNG] hot bodies in the magazine trying to fill your dreams yeah-eah-eah jumpin-up off the paper makin you tingle jing-a-ling if i was on the next page would you rip me out crumble me up? would i be good enough to break the two of you up [CHORUS] baby I'm not a good classified I get better when you close your eyes hope you don't mind I got a lot of baggage could be a sign we're takin a vacation Up to the moon they got a resort Where they're selling tickets to the inside of a broken heart let me in I'ma rock it out inside of your skin [SPOKEN] Gotta see you smile Like a bad habit Know you love your body Maybe I can share it Put you in the Bible You can be my Sabbath I'll be your disciple Tell me your commandments On the darkest days You know I'm not a bother I just hold you tight And we can light each other I love you And I'm no perfect pleasure I just know it's best If we can be together [SUNG] Sweat drippin' Down your sweet skin And the clock's tickin' On a lonely night You're lookin' for a he-man But a hu-man maybe Gets you by Your heart skips a beat You can't seem to breathe Cause you're not really sure about me But feel my teeth Judge my heat Maybe you got Some feelings for me [CHORUS X2]