Fool's Gold (2008): Sebastian Vangor's Story

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Published 14 Nov 2011
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The clip Sebastian Vangor's story from Fool's Gold (2008)

So, what do we know about Sebastian Vangor?
Well, we know for a fact that he survived a hurricane, a shipwreck...
...starvation, pirates, most likely, and then he lied about it.
Now, why lie about being part of the greatest treasure fleet in history?
Unless you're sitting on top of a huge secret.
A secret that nobody, not even the king of Spain, knew existed.
Well, I can think of only one reason:
Because his father had entrusted him...
...with precious gifts mankind had never seen...
...he had to survive to fulfill the privilege...
...Ubilla had bestowed on him that fateful day in Veracruz.
That's why he lied.
That's why he lived.
And that's why we can't give up.
Sebastian Vangor is the unsung hero of an entire nation...
...and we intend to prove it.
So, what happened to him?
He was taken off the Dutch ship in Martinique...
...and died a week later of consumption.
He drank too much?
No. Um... Consumption, darling. As in tuberculosis.
Not to be confused with consuming, as in guzzling.
Oh, man. I'm so dumb.
Huh. You wanna hear dumb?
I used to think that it meant he died having sex, as in consummating.
You did?
You did?
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