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Uploaded on August 20, 2007 by christiangeo

UFO sightings in the USA, Italy (here a UFO drone - very rare) and China. The anti-Mafia song by Fabrizio Moro entitled 'Pensa' (translated meaning 'think about it') goes well with the dishonest and mafia-like politics of deception regarding UFO sightings on this planet by the US government over the past 60 years. The governments of France and England have for some time been making public their records and pictures of UFO sightings. The Japanese TV channel shows a replay of the 'scifi clip' in slow motion and freeze frames it when the object is closest to the camera. In the final contribution:
CNN Larry King Live (Intro) UFOs: Are They Out There? - Atlanta, July, 13, 2007.
Videos and full text in English, Spanish, German and French at:

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