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Esthetic Dentist Yorba Linda CA, Dr. Todd Auerback, speaks about the differences between dental veneers and lumineers. When it comes to dental veneers, going back is not an option. Before veneers are applied to your teeth, a cosmetic dentist removes a significant amount of tooth enamel. This allows for improved adhesion between the teeth and the veneers. However, this also keeps you from getting rid of the veneers in the future. Lumineers, on the other hand, require either very little to no removal of tooth enamel. If we have to put lumineers and dental veneers in a challenge, lumineers will win due to its convenient way of completion.
Yorba Linda Esthetic Dentist, Dr. Todd Auerback, serves the cities of Atwood CA, Anaheim CA, Brea CA, Placentia CA, Anaheim CA, Orange CA, Fullerton CA, Brea CA, Villa Park CA, 92885 CA, 92871 CA, 92808 CA, 92887 CA, 92867 CA, 92834 CA, 92836 CA, 92822 CA, 92869 CA

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