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Veneer Dentist Yorba Linda CA, Dr. Todd Auerback, speaks about gum disease and other health problems periodontitis generates in the body. General health problems can develop if gum disease problems are left un-treated. Gum disease and periodontal disease are two related symptoms. Gum disease symptoms include yellow teeth, bad breath, gum bleeding, and redness in the gums. Un-treated gum disease can cause liver infections, kidney infections, affect pregnant women, and affect an un-born child. For more information about gum disease and treatments, visit veneer dentist Yorba Linda CA, Dr. Todd Auerback's website today.
Yorba Linda Veneer Dentist, Dr. Todd Auerback, serves the cities of Atwood CA, Anaheim CA, Brea CA, Placentia CA, Anaheim CA, Orange CA, Fullerton CA, Brea CA, Villa Park CA, 92885 CA, 92871 CA, 92808 CA, 92887 CA, 92867 CA, 92834 CA, 92836 CA, 92822 CA, 92869 CA

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