Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - Prestige Hack Aimbot


Uploaded on November 17, 2011 by TashiaVangrouwgi

Download file here:
Step 1: Download the tool. To do so, please press the Download Button below. Please note, that our Download is secured by a gateway to prevent bots from downloading our file and sharing it everywhere, in which case our tool would be useless because the exploit our tool is using would be fixed. The Download Count is limited to 3000.

Step 2: Start Modern Warfare 3 and go to the Main Menu. Once done, minimize the Game by pressting Alt + Tab (Button with 2 arrows, one showing to the left, the otherone to the right, usually next to the letter Q).

*If you feel unsafe downloading our tool, please make sure to scan the file after opening it up. We also provide a Virustotal Scan result, which you can view by pressing here. This proofs that you are safe to use our tool and that there are no viruses or trojans that come with it.

Step 3: Hack and Edit your Player Data. First of all, you have to type in which Prestige you want to unlock, you can choose anything between the lowest prestige, which is Zero (to get it, type 0 in the first Box next to "Edit Prestige Level") If you want a higher Prestige Level, type in a higher number. (You can not get a Prestige Level over the official Limit).
Next, type in how many Prestige Tokens you want to add to your Account. You can use those Tokens to unlock different stuff in the Prestige Shop.
If you choose to Unlock every gun/attachement or designs, please tick the "Unlock Everything" Option.
After that you are ready to Edit your Player Data, simply press the "Hack and Edit Player Data" Button and have the tool to do rest. Once done a message should show up saying that your Data got changed.

Step 4: Once done, close the tool and go back to your minimized Modern Warfare 3. Play 1 Round, then exit the game completely, open it back up and you are done and your Data is successfully changed.

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