League of Legends Hack by Bonjaaa - IP RP All Champions


Uploaded on November 17, 2011 by ClorindaShafferml

Download here: http://freefiled.com/2c4nq
We finally managed to hack the most wanted game, League of Legends. This hack is now able to add Influence Points, Riot Points and can also add All Champions to your account. More info inside the hack ( press F1 and enter the Help menu).
Because we used alot of resources, we can't let the hack completely free because once released, it will become usefull in 2-3 days with game updates. So, to avoid this, I will make this hack more private, so only the smart ones will download it. Below you have more instructions:

Instructions to download from Sharecash:
1.Choose one survey
2. Complete it with fake details (use fakenamegenerator.com)
3.Download your file.
P.S. To download much easier, use a USA VPN or proxy.

Instructions to use hack
1.Enter the game and wait 30 seconds(IMPORTANT)
2. Enter the hack and wait for load
3. If loading is complete, complete the boxes with your values and click Generate
4. Wait for Message box. If it's all ok, you will receive "Done" message.
5.Enjoy your points!

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