Nelly Furtado-Say It Right-Diana Concert


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PRINCESS DIANA CONCERT-1 JULY WEMBLEY STADIUMERSIN FAIKZADE WAS THERE.We know Ersin Faikzade as a good write and a artistic character. He have been confessed with his projects what has voluntarily carried out for disabled people. by give of concerts and write texts for magazines, he confessed this way confessed with his cultural and helpful character for many people in Europe and also in United His texts he write under others abouth Princess Diana, Soraya Esfandiary, Queen Farah Pahlavi,Grace Kelly of Monaco, Ataturk, Mevlana, Zeki Muren(legendary singer of Turkey), Wales, Izmir,Multiple Sclerosis,Palermo,Down Syndrom... as well as he we know him as a man who helps people.. and such as Ersin faikzade says.. help each other means a live full peace.He is supporting some association Forexample Multiple Sclerosis,Down Syndrome,Mothers Associate,The Princess Of Wales Diana Foundation,Turkish Education Foundation,LEPROSY RELIEF ASSOCIATION & FOUNDATION

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