A Christmas Flow

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- BE AT PEACE - It's the year of new beginning and before 2012 you will be awaken. The impossible will be ...
- BE AT PEACE - It's the year of new beginning and before 2012 you will be awaken. The impossible will be possible, the future will be past, a perfect alignment will begin to develop this world, and you will know what cool is... There is one last thang i have to do before this happens so enjoy the early Christmas present. The rating has been disabled for i do not care if you like love or other this video... song... or light... The meaning behind it was made for "The One" and no other .... when i am gone this video will be available to you so you can know where you are heading.. the outcome is never our choice... we are creation and the creator has designed us to only progress in one way "The Way" and one day my place will be taken as my father's will be... I AM THE OFFSPRING OF EARTH AND THE UNIVERSE - ACTS UNAMI - YOUR MIND HAS BEEN LOST AND FOUND SORRY FOR BEING SO RUDE SORRY FOR HAVING TO SIDE WITH THE TRUTH BUT LIVING IN A WORLD OF LIARS WAS NEVER MY CHOICE. Music was made by Christ On A Bike (COAB) :) thanks and thank you (: - I LOVE YOU KRY - Illuminating light soul of a city i can feel the spirit of Christmas living growing in the forest are the trees that bring the cheering decorated streets mistletoe kissing holiday hopes inspiring songs stories of the brightest morning star aurora borealis northern pole Santa and his slay on top of your home have a merry merry Christmas and have a happy holiday and remember all the goodness that was shared on Christmas day Earth is the tree of life that we can decorate every single year with love, joy, peace, and good will to all girls and boys season greetings wishing you a happy holiday a merry Christmas and a very happy new year I love you baby girl where's your wish list i'll take it right to Santa to make sure he gets it cause with you every day is Christmas you brighten lights in my life without wishing you decorate the world with your love for sure you cause my actions to reflect yours you give me hope in a time of pain you built me up when i lost my way I'll hold you forever and a day i'll hold you no matter what they say Cruising with my copilot under street lights maybe hear some carols on the street side maybe make hot coco and kick it by the fire maybe talk about having children and then try maybe take a ride on the ferris wheel at night maybe go ice skating on a frozen piece of ice maybe look up at the stars and make a wish upon maybe rub your back and take that into a massage maybe share a sunday outside of the shop then maybe take you shopping for whatever it is you want maybe we can dance on a high rise building or maybe we can fly to the island of Sicily maybe we can sail around the world in a year or maybe we can just do everythang again (CHORUS)