Warrior’S Edge – 3 DVD Knife Fighting Instructional Set Review

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*******www.crimesolutionsstore****/training-dvd-warriors-edge-set-3-dvd-knife-fighting-instructional.html W...
*******www.crimesolutionsstore****/training-dvd-warriors-edge-set-3-dvd-knife-fighting-instructional.html WARRIOR’S EDGE – 3 DVD KNIFE FIGHTING INSTRUCTIONAL SET REVIEW - 360-244-4231 To be sure, the world is not a safe place. Danger lurks in every corner, and it comes to you when you least expect it. A knife is one particular item used in self-defense. But you just can’t point it at your assailant. See, a knife is only as good as the person wielding it. That being said, let’s put a premium on the know-how first. From Cold Steel®, maker of high-performance knives and other edged weapons and tools,comes this instructional fighting DVD set dedicated to knife fighting and edged weapons training. Introducing WARRIOR’S EDGE! Created by Lynn C. Thompson, President of Cold Steel, Inc. and the chief instructor of the company’s knife fighting training program, WARRIOR’S EDGE is the product of years of developing a knife fighting method that permits a trained fighter to take on his enemy with the lowest risk of being cut or stabbed in the process. Adopting concepts from fencing, Filipino martial art Lameco Eskrima, Japanese Kenjutsu, and boxing, WARRIOR’S EDGE emphasizes long range (as opposed to close range) techniques supported by footwork, rhythm, speed, timing and exceptional strategy. Invest on your safety and security by getting the best crime prevention, self defense/self defence, personal protection, personal self defense, or home security tools that we offer at crimesolutionsstore****.