Naked Santas Everywhere SantaCon : Weird News Video

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******* & *******spweirdnews.tumblr**** *******www.facebook****/pages/Sam-Proof/82425582283 1 ...
******* & *******spweirdnews.tumblr**** *******www.facebook****/pages/Sam-Proof/82425582283 1 Shampoo Bust ***********/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5i814gYq0gUx32KV6aFO3g0g9xxTg?docId=b44fde3118fe4ab599e8991a1c959504 2 Trash ticket : *******www.ajc****/news/a-tossed-ticket-wins-1230784.html 3 Naked Santa record www.huffingtonpost****/2011/11/18/naked-santas-go-for-world-record_n_1102112.html and more weird news: Super man Super Fan: ***********/watch?v=Ny9oHbppZYw Weezer predict death: ***********/watch?v=8yXHQT98FgM Weird Animal News : ***********/watch?v=qKggDl5XAQg If you want to get involved with weird news, you can point out stories via twitter or facebook, or tell to google something in the comments OR send me your Video Report! Trancsript: Welcome to the weird new where wondrously wacky revelations reveal reality. What a dick. Roger. Neil Perry spent 3 days behind bars when Australia’s Darwin airport took him in to custody under accusations of trafficking liquid ecstasy in two bottles of Pantee Pro-V Shampoo. His boat and 2 friends houses were searched, and now Mr. Perry is being compensated with 100,000 dollars. So looks like Mr. Perry got some ecstasy out of those bottles after all. (* looks at right guard bottle*) Worthless! 24-year-old server at a Taco Mac, Andrew Hunter of Dawsonville, Ga., threw out a lottery ticket, only to find out he could match a mega ball number for $3. He pulled it from the trash and reinvested it in to 3 new tickets. One of the resulting ticket then won him 250,000 dollars! Hunter says he plans to invest most of his prize, mostly on hand sanitizer The holidays are a time for people to come together, friends, family, even giant gatherings. This year December 10th in San Francisco hundreds of people dressed as Kriss Kringle will gather for SantaCon … in an effort to set the world record for the largest gathering of naked Santas ever recorded. Yes this InSANTAny – has been going on since the mid 1990’s and encourages the Santa Clones to do more than just drop red trow, they drink to intoxication, stage mock fistfights and make out with each other. What a bunch of Ho Ho Hos… So have a great Thanks giving… and remember this is the weird news, you can join in by submitting stories on our tumblr, or send clips of yourself reporting on weird news to spweirdnewsgmail**** Until next time, I’m Sam Proof you’re not. Stay strong & Happy Holidongs. • HD is best, but not necessary • Good lighting & sound are extremely important • And send it to samproof[at]gmail[dot]com ! • You can also tweet me links to stories • Or post them on my facebook page! -------more samproof---- twitter *******twitter****/samproof store *******www.zazzle****/samproof dailybooth *******dailybooth****/samproof facebook *******facebook****/samproof community ******* ------------------