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I'M IN A SIZE 8 PANT! I never thought I would say this, but I'm in a size 8 pant! It was well noted that the girls in our family had the famous Turner bumb. And now here I am from a squeezed in size 14 down to an 8. I wonder if I'm headed for a size 6 with 10 more lbs to go toward my goal.

I HAVE KEPT THE WEIGHT OFF! Best Weight Loss Programs in Silverdale WA. When it comes to keeping the weight off and shedding those unwanted extra pounds the Best Weigh Loss Programs are those from Ideal Protein. Keep it off! Get rid of a huge belly! Easiest program to stick to and the chocolate bars will cure your cravings for chocolate. If your not one to work out and want to reduce those unwanted pounds you need Ideal Protein!

IT WAS QUICK AND EASY!! I lost 19 pounds with the Ideal protein in Silverdale program in 4 weeks. It was quick and easy and the pounds stay off. - S.C., Bremerton

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