Big Fan (2009): Paul Calls Sport's Dogg Radio Show and He's Full of Excitment

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The clip Paul Calls Sport's Dogg radio show and he's full of excitment from Big Fan (2009) Sports Dogg. Na...
The clip Paul Calls Sport's Dogg radio show and he's full of excitment from Big Fan (2009) Sports Dogg. Name and location. Yeah. Yeah, hey, Lar, it-- it's Paul from Staten Island. Hey, Paul. I got five in front of you. Hang tight. Okay. Okay. Shouldn't be too bad. Okay, great. Every time the Knicks manage-- Hey, kitty cat... Get off the porch! You're in The Zone with the Sports Dogg, on 760 Sports Radio, New York. New York... Hey, Paul From Staten Island, what do we got tonight? Hey! Hey! What's up, Dogg? Um, I gotta tell you, I am feeling good tonight because in a little less than 48 hours, we are gonna brutally shatter any flicker of hope the cheesesteaks had going. We've been messing with them the last few weeks, letting 'em get back in it a little, making 'em think they had a chance of catching us just so we can see the look on their faces when they come up short. Quantrell's back, baby, and he is g- Paul! Quantrell is back, baby, and he is ready to make up for some lost time against the Panthers. You better hope the scoreboard is broken down there in St. Louis because the Eagles are gonna be so crushed when they look up at it and see the Giants-Panthers score. They're not even gonna be able to play. It's not even- even gonna come down to the head-to-head in week 17. We're gonna wrap up the East in a nice little bow this coming- People live here! Sorry. Sorry. This coming weekend, after which, we will follow our pre-destiny to the Super Bowl as we ride the victory bus to the championship. And why? Why are we riding in the victory bus to a championship we haven't played? Because, as I said earlier, it is pre-destiny that we will take the Super Bowl this year