Dracula (1979): Count Dracula's Bagage

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The clip Count Dracula's bagage from Dracula (1979) with Laurence Olivier No one allowed on board I've got...
The clip Count Dracula's bagage from Dracula (1979) with Laurence Olivier No one allowed on board I've got business What sort of business? I'm a solicitor, Jonathan Harker, and I've been on the road all night from London Jonathan! It's all right Let him pass Right. Carry on. What the devil are you doing here? Our firm was telegraphed yesterday that this ship had been sighted a week early Oh, God The man we represented in the purchase of Carfax Abbey, Count Dracula... Count Dracula, of course! I almost forgot Is he safe? Who? Dracula Oh, yes He's the only one who is Young Mina found him on the beach last night, and we took him to Carfax As for the rest of the crew... Look. What happened? We don't know. Maybe the ship's log will tell us. All right, swing 'em across, Harry. Excuse me Is all this cargo the count's? There's more down below, but the rest broke up on them rocks Filled up with some kind of dirt Dirt? What for? Whichever it is, I'll take it You can't do that, Renfield The count's not here to sign for them They stay here 'til he comes around himself! I'm sorry, but the rights of the ship owner are already sacrificed since the tiller of this vessel is held in a dead hand Where's the rest of Dracula's baggage? I'd like to inspect that as well Come this way Harker, you sold me house right out from under me, and you sold that poor count a right bill of goods with your fancy silver tongue I've half a mind to tell Dracula he been took good I wonder if I could impose upon you to ask the count when he rises if he would join us for dinner at Billerbeck Hall What, at the looney bin? At my home, Mr Renfield Come I'll give him the message, but I don't think he'll be in the mood for any fancy socializin' Go back. Go back a little bit more.