Crown Equity Holdings Launches Video Sharing Site CRWE Tube


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Welcome to CRWENewswire. I am Shalika Jayasekera. Crown Equity Holdings Incorporated - symbol CRWE - reported that it has launched CRWE Tube, a video sharing site that allows billions of people around the world to upload, watch and share original videos at With online videos continuing to experience explosive, viral growth and the web rapidly moving from text to video, businesses may need to adapt to the shift in video distribution technology or quickly become irrelevant to their consumers who anticipate seeing video everywhere online. Crown Equity Holdings also recently reported that its subsidiary Crown Tele Services Inc. entered into a letter of intent with AVIX Technologies Incorporated, which is focused on identifying potential acquisitions and joint venture opportunities in various target markets that offer leading edge technology and services on a global scale. The letter of intent sets forth terms by which AVIX Technologies will acquire an exclusive licensing agreement for Canada and a non-exclusive global licensing agreement in the hospitality, foodservice and tourism industries for telecommunications including VoIP telecom technology systems for residential and commercial services, calling card and cellular phone applications. Thank you for joining me and have a great day! For CRWE Newswire, I’m Shalika Jayasekera

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