Easy to Assemble #3.14: Sammy Salt [HD]


Uploaded on November 29, 2011 by MyDamnChannel

In Season 3 of "Easy To Assemble: Finding North," actress-turned-IKEA employee Illeana Douglas (playing herself) and her fellow IKEA co-workers face some big life changes while on a road trip through Sweden. Justine (Justine Bateman) meets up with her long-lost brother (Craig Bierko), Ethan and Wayne (Corey Feldman and Ahmed Best) lose their girlfriends only to be cast in the Swedish buddy cop movie “48 Hours of Daylight,” while Illeana treks through the Uppsala forest to accept her Co-Worker of the Year award and, after encountering the ghost of famed IKEA designer S. Erland Hussan (Ed Begley Jr.), she must once and for all decide which road she will take.

Easy to Assemble, the award winning web series written and produced by Illeana Douglas, produced by Illeanarama Inc and directed by Michael Kang, also stars Patricia Heaton, Jason Butler Harner, Michael Hitchcock, Michael Irpino, Eric Lange, Wallace Langham, Robert Mailhouse, Mia Riverton, Fred Willard, and Ray Wise.

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