Harvey (1950): Harvey's Last Trick Part 2

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The clip Harvey's last trick Part 2 from Harvey (1950) with Wallace Ford Would you please let my brother s...
The clip Harvey's last trick Part 2 from Harvey (1950) with Wallace Ford Would you please let my brother step out here a moment? This cab driver won't wait. Oh, Elwood. I'll be right back. Elwood, I came off without my coin purse. Would you please give this man $2.75? But don't give him any more. He's been very rude. Howdy do. Dowd's my name, Elwood P. Mine's Lofgren, E.J. Glad to know you, Mr. Lofgren. This is my sister Mrs. Simmons. My good friend Judge Gaffney, back there. Hi. Hi. Hi. Have you lived around here long? All my life. Enjoy your work? It's okay. I've been driving for Apex Cabs for 15 years. My brother Joe's been driving for Brown Cabs for near 12. Is that so? You drive for Apex and your brother Joe for Brown. That's interesting, isn't it, Veta? Yes. Mr. Lofgren, let me give you one of my cards. My sister and my charming niece live at that address with me. Wouldn't you and your brother like to come and have dinner with us sometime? Sure, be glad to. When? When would you be glad to? I couldn't come any night but tomorrow. I'm on duty all the rest of the week. Tomorrow would be perfect. We'll be expecting you and delighted to see you. Won't we, Veta? Elwood, I'm sure this man has friends of his own. Can't have too many friends. Don't keep the Doctor waiting. It's rude. There you are. Keep the change. I'm glad to have met you, Mr. Lofgren. I'll expect you and your brother tomorrow night. Now, you'll have to excuse me. l... A sweet guy. Certainly. You could just as well have waited. Ah, no. Lady, I've been drivin' this route for 15 years. I've brought 'em out here to get that stuff, and I've drove 'em home after they had it. It changes them. I certainly hope so. You ain't kiddin'. On the way out here, they sit back and enjoy the ride, they talk to me. Sometimes we stop and watch the sunsets and look at the birds.